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Welcome to 2024!

I somehow managed to completely evade everything in 2023. It was a weird year.

The funny part was that I worked out in late 2022 the basics of scenes in Blender, with the intention of finalizing covers for the first three Starsailors novellas.

It didn’t happen, for reasons. That doesn’t mean there was no progress, there was plenty. I let myself get distracted by the perfect while pursuing the good. Or even mediocre yet serviceable.

I did minimal revision, for the same, stupid reasons.

But you know what? I had an absolutely awesome NaNoWriMo 2023. This year was largely private for me, much like the first two times I tried (2013, where I told no one, and 2014, where I only went to three events). I declined in-person things (covid’s not over, y’all, and Long Covid is too nightmarish and too prevalent to do risky stuff), and only had virtual interactions some. Lots of sprints on the regional discord, though.

I wrote 137,000+ words in November, though. With a completely different zero draft process. (I will write about this some time soon, I need to think about what worked and what didn’t, and what better way to try to get back into the blogging thing and self-pushing thing than writing about a process change?)

2024 looks to be interesting and eventful.

And it’s the year I’m giving up!

…which is far more hopeful and far less dreadful than it sounds. No, seriously. (I will expound in a blog post soon.)

We’re only three days in, and I’ve done more writing than I did all of January 2023.

So, take that, inertia!

May we all have the 2024 we hope for!

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