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Snap Camera Virtual Backgrounds

So this one splits the difference. It’s free (yay!), you don’t need an account (yay!), and you don’t need to give them your email address (yay!).

It’s also easy to use, but more processor intensive than ChromaCam or XSplit VCam.

You’re also at the mercy of whatever lenses someone else has published, unless you want to develop your own. (And if you’re doing that, why not just use OBS Studio?)

BUT. It does do background extraction, and there are greenscreen “lenses” that can be fed into OBS Studio without an actual greenscreen.

Download Snap Camera.

Install Snap Camera.

Once it’s running, search for “green screen” lenses. There should be several options. I had good luck with the ones by Lennart, Patrick S, and Ben. (All as of October 8th, 2020. Available lenses may change over time.) The Snap Camera background extraction is a little aggressive, but it does a decent job. (It also drags my system to its knees when I do Snap Camera to OBS Studio to discord, at least with background removal.)

Bonus: you can input it straight to discord (or teams, or skype, or zoom, or…)

Bonus: search for “pirate” and try out some costumes! (I might be using this for Halloween specifically to have a costume as virtual as everything else this year!)

Drawback: if you want a specific virtual background, if no one’s made a lens with the background you want, you’ll need to either use a greenscreen lens and OBS Studio, or build your own with their Snap Camera Lens builder. (I have not done this. I don’t know how hard it is.)

As per usual, feel free to hit me up on the NOC NaNo discord in #tech-support during the month of October if you want to do this and run into problems.

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